Whether you’re off to Messe München, visiting the city or enjoying a family vacation,
our hotel is the ideal location for you!


Nature, sports, relaxation and indulgence

Admittedly, you might not find Fürholzen on every map and definitely not in travel guides, but that’s actually our secret weapon, because we’re blessed with glorious peace and quiet right in the middle of the idyllic Bavarian countryside with meadows, woodlands and lakes all on our doorstep. But the things that you will find in the travel guides are not that far away either.


From our warm and welcoming stylish hotel to the cosmopolitan city of Munich

Do we have to big up Munich? Do we have to list all the culture on offer in this metropolis on the Isar river, the shopping, Oktoberfest, the Allianz Arena, the cozy beer gardens and special flair of what is often referred to as “Italy’s northernmost city?” No, we don’t have to, but it could be worth us mentioning that you can reach vibrant Schwabing in just 20 minutes from our hotel…


If you stay with us, you’ll be right in the middle of the most beautiful destinations.

Bavaria is not just Munich (and it’s not just FC Bayern Munich either, although it takes just 15 minutes to reach their home ground from here). No, Bavaria has a lot more to offer – from its many other cities to the castles, palaces, monasteries, mountains and lakes. And the best thing is that everything is easy to reach from Erik’s Hotel if you do a few day trips.


Keeping necessary travel time to a minimum

If they really have to travel, most business travelers prefer to keep their travel time short and sweet. For example: From the airport to the hotel: 15 minutes. Then to one of the many industry and research centers in Garching: approx. 12 minutes. And then the next day to Messe München: 25 minutes. Yep, from our hotel you can do it all in record time!