Whether you’re unwinding after work or enjoying a vacation,
breathing in lots of fresh air is part of smart and healthy living.


Meadows, woodlands and lakes (all on our doorstep)

If you ever take a tumble here in Fürholzen, you’ll find yourself landing in the middle of a beautiful field or meadow. If you stumble and trip again, you’ll find yourself surrounded by stunning woodland. And the third or fourth time you do, you’ll almost be in the gorgeous little bathing lakes of the Neufahrner Mühlseen recreation area 5 km away. You don’t have to tumble all the way there though. You can jog, cycle or walk there too.


Paradise is just round the corner

The largest, coolest and most diverse…what shall we say…spa center, theme park and water park all in one? – OK: the world’s largest “thermal baths complex” with approx. 180,000 m2 jam-packed full of pools, saunas and bathing areas is located in Erding, which is a mere 24 kilometers from Erik’s Hotel. Our advice is: enjoy some relaxation time!


Because one palace is never enough!

If you jump in the car and travel for a quarter of an hour to Oberschleißheim, you’ll see plenty of palaces – the Old Palace, the New Palace, Lustheim Palace, plus the palace park: one of the most important set of Baroque palaces and grounds in Germany, and once the summer residence of the Bavarian rulers, but now restored to their former glory just for our hotel guests (OK, other people can visit them too).


A taste of Bavaria

In the old monastery high above Freising (12 km from us) is Brauerei Weihenstephan, the world’s oldest brewery, which not only produces beer but also offers visitors guided tours. After a tour, visitors can also of course settle down in the beer garden of this little, super traditional brewery and raise a glass to the beer itself and the friendly, convivial atmosphere!


Enjoy some wind-down time with some wound-up bows

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from Erik’s Hotel (approx. 1 km) is a large practice area for traditional archery with lots of different options, from taster courses to expert courses. They even do bow and arrow-based events for private parties and corporate team-building exercises which we’re sure will hit the bull’s eye.